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About us

We are Buro de Vakmannen. We believe that a strong brand identity with a distinctive value proposition is the basis for growth. And that a marketing strategy only works if it is simple and fact-based. That is why we work with practice-oriented models towards a clear and concise marketing strategy, aimed at testing your beliefs in practice. In this way, you can focus on your most valuable customer segments and grow sustainably.

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Arjan van Alst - Buro de Vakmannen

Arjan van Alst SMP

Business Creative

Marketing strategist, business designer, NIMA C marketer. Focus on marketing management, proposition design, value driven channel marketing.

Arjan started his career in IT as a project manager. Long before agile became known, he sought multidisciplinary collaboration and organized stand-ups at the management’s office. In 2011 he made the switch to marketing, where his keenness soon became apparent. Four years later he joined the MT Marketing of a large Dutch corporate, where he became responsible for, among other things, proposition development and mortgages.

René Kamerling - Buro de Vakmannen

René Kamerling SMP

Business Creative

Marketing strategist, design thinker, startup coach. Focus on pragmatic brand development and customer engagement proposition design.

René has extensive experience in B2C services. For more than 12 years he worked in various marketing roles at, among others, Startup Bootcamp, de Volksbank and Achmea, always on the cutting edge of strategy, concepting and proposition development. René now has extensive experience with methods such as lean startup, design thinking, value proposition design, Google Design Sprints and agile proposition development.

Our story

We believe that proposition design in corporate organisations can be done quicker and better by using startup techniques. With our Growthplan Framework we combine the best practises from methods such as lean startup, design thinking and value proposition design into one pragmatic and effective approach.


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